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Karol Okrasa Eastern Europe

Karol is now one of Poland's most celebrated and popular chefs.

Since 2001, he has hosted 'Cooking with Okrasa' ('Kuchnia z Okrasa') on TVP1, and also recently took part in 'The Tastes of Time ('Smaki czasu').

He is the author of the book Cook with Okrasa, which includes 105 of his own recipes.

A co-founder of the chapter of the Chefs Club Fund, an elite organisation which gathers the best Polish chefs.

He has also received numerous awards and accolades. These include:
the Le Meridien Chef Challenge for the Best Chef of International Cuisine
the 2005 Culinary Oscar
the Hermes 2007
the 'Chef de L'Avenir' in 2008, awarded by the International Culinary Academy.

Karol is an expert in local cuisine, and promotes the use of Polish flavours in dishes, and offers distinctive combinations. For him food is not only an occupation: it is a lifestyle.

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