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Mexico, Past and Present


    Egg white 300 g
    White sugar cane 100 g
    Yolks 75 g
    Melted butter at 40C 70 g
    “Granade” dark chocolate 60% Callebaut 340 g

    Put the melted butter and the chocolate, stir well using a wooden spoon until the mixture is smooth. Whisk the egg whites with the sugar separately using a kneader with a tight mesh whisk, add the yolks and whisk for one more minute. Add in 3-4 stages the whipped mixture to the butter and chocolate mixture using a spatula paying attention not to deflate it. Spread on a silicon mat, 5mm thick and cook at 230C for 3-4 minute. Cool down before using it.


    Cocoa Nibs 25 g
    White cane sugar 50 g
    Flour “O” 50 g
    Bourbon vanilla pod 1
    Butter 80% m.g. 50 g
    Toasted Piedmont hazelnut powder 25 g
    Cooking salt 1 g

    Mix the cocoa nibs gently, then blend in all the ingredients listed and knead. Spread to a thickness of 3mm in between 2 sheets of baking paper. 150C for 25 minutes.


    Praline hazelnut 100 g
    Java milk chocolate 32% Callebaut 75 g
    Crunchy cocoa Nibs 120 g

    Put the praline and the milk chocolate, melted at 45C. Using a spoon blend together the two ingredients and add the crunchy cocoa Nibs stirring continuously. Spread to a thickness of over 5mm. Crystallise and cut – diameter 5cm.


    English custard 85g
    Java milk chocolate 32% Callebaut 50g
    Hazelnut paste 25g
    Gold Gelatine 2g 

    Pour the hot English custard on the milk chocolate, previously chopped, the hazelnut paste and the softened gelatin. Emulsify using an hand held blender for one minute.


    Raspberry pulp 68g 
    Strawberry pulp 44g
    Acacia honey 20g
    Gelatin 2.8g.
    Lime zest 1.5g 

    Heat to 50C the fruit together with the lime zest and add the honey. Add the softened gelatin and stir well


    Mascarpone 125g
    Fresh cream 25g
    White sugar cane 15g
    Dextrose 6g
    Egg yolks 20g 
    Espresso 5g
    Gelatin 2.5g
    Burbon vanilla pod 1 

    Put in a pan the egg yolks, the sugar and the dextrose and heat to 60C and put in the kneader to whip. Melt the softened jelly and add the coffee, add the whipped mixture. Mix the mascarpone, the pouring cream and the vanilla separately. Blend together the two mixtures using a tight mesh whip at first then a spatula


    Patè à bombe
    Water 30 g
    Sugar 45 g
    Egg yolks 60 g
    Whole egg 25 g

    Chocolate mousse
    Patè à bombe 160 g 
    Grenade dark chocolate 60% Callebaut 150 g
    Fresh cream 35% m.g. partially whipped 200 g

    To make Patè à bombe
    Cook at 82/84C in a bain marie the mixture of egg yolks, sugar and water. Whip at medium speed. Remove from the heat before it has cooled down completely and use the mixture immediately

    To make the chocolate mousse
    Melt the chocolate at 50/55C, whip the pouring cream with the hand whip and add a small quantity of whipped cream to the hot chocolate in order to obtain a smooth and elastic consistency. Finish up by stirring vigorously with a semicircular spatula or with a flexible spatula the Patè à bombe and the remaining whipped cream.


    fresh cream 35% mg 225 g
    White sugar cane 189 g
    Glucose42 DE 150 g
    Gold gelatin 9 g
    Burbon vanilla pod 1
    Java milk chocolate 32% Callebaut 50 g
    Lime peel 2 g

    Put the glucose, the sugar and the vanilla in a saucepan and caramellise at 176C. Cool down by pouring in the fresh cream and the lime peel, previously heated.
    Pour in a container on the milk chocolate and the softened gelatin: emulsify with the hand held blender for two minutes, cover with cling film, place in the fridge at 4C and use when the temperature reaches 30-32C .


    icing sugar 60g
    Butter 50g
    Milk 20g
    Glucose 52 DE 20g
    Piedmont hazelnut powder 60g 

    Heat in a pan the icing sugar, the butter, the milk and the glucose at 50C, add the hazelnut powder stirring well using a spatula and place in a fridge at 4C for two hours.
    Using a knife, spread a thin layer of the mixture onto a silicon mat and bake in the oven for 6-8 minutes at 180C. When out of the oven use a cutter to make 6 disks and let cool down.


    Fresh cream 35% m.g. 100 g
    Fresh milk 100 g
    “Powerful” chocolate Collebaut 80% 150 g
    Egg whites 150 g

    Bring to the boil the milk and the cream together. Pour slowly whilst boiling hot on the “Powerful” chocolate. Emulsify with the hand held blender for one minute. Cool down to 50C, add the egg yolks raw, mix and pour into a siphon. Utilise two cartridges of N20. Whisk in a bain marie (50-60C) before serving.

  • VELVET CHOCOLATE SORBET - Coffee and lemon scent from Amalfi

    Velvet white chocolate Callebaut 135 g
    Water 270 g
    Coffee beans 15 g
    Amalfi’s lemon peel 10 g
    Powdered milk  35 g
    Sugar 10 g
    Inverted sugar 40 g 
    Stabiliser 3 g

    Heat the water to 18C and infuse the coffee beans and the lemon peel for 30 minutes. Heat the infusion to 40C, strain, add the powdered milk and the inverted sugar previously mixed with the stabiliser and finish off with the Velvet Callets chocolate. Pasteurise at 85C, mix and cool down rapidly. Keep refrigerated for three hours at +4C, mix again and swirl.


    Water 100 g 
    ½ Tonka bean
    Cocoa 20 g
    Sugar 20 g

    Prepare a cold infusion containing water and the Tonka bean, previously chopped, and leave for 3 hours, then heat to 60C. Blend in the cocoa with the sugar, filter the infusion, emulsify with the cocoa and the sugar.

    Mixing together the coffee, the hazelnuts, the vanilla and the Callebaut chocolate “Origine Ecuador” , make it a Central American product.

    Once created the mould with the dark chocolate 811 NV 554, continue the process by adding the “citrus” ganache, the mandarin jelly and finish off with the hazelnut cremino, then seal the chocolate.



    Asti Moscato DOC 200 g
    Honey from mixed blossom 40 g 
    Gold gelatin 8 g

    Heat the honey, melt the softened gelatin in water, squeeze and wring well and add the wine. Mix well.

  • Finishing

    Fill the half sphere moulds with Bavarian mascarpone and place in the cooler to freeze. Pour the Gianduja cream in a cylindrical sylicone mould filling it up up to 3mm from the rim. Pour the raspberry and strawberry jelly on the Gianduja cream up to the rim of the mould then freeze. Assemble the heart of the single portion matching the different items following the drawing and place in the freezer. Put the chocolate mousse and “Grenade” in a cylindrical sylicon mould, insert the heart of the single portion

    On the flat dish lay the hazelnut and chocolate crunchy “Nibs”disk. Put the cylindrical structure mascarpone Grenade and glaze with lime caramel. Rest on the dish the cube of Moscato Aspic on the Velvet chocolate sorbet. Finish off with the crunchy waffle disk and the “Powerful” chocolate mousse.

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